Guiding You Through The Kentucky Probate Process

Being named the Executor of another person’s Will is a measure of the trust that person placed in you. It is also a serious responsibility. You could be held personally liable for mistakes.

At Key Schoen Law in Louisville, Mr. Schoen has helped families navigate Kentucky Estate matters for more than 15 years.

“My practice is completely focused on Will contests (Estate litigation), Probate disputes, and Probate administration. I understand the sensitive nature of administering an estate. My goal is to bring a highly professional approach of common sense to working through the Probate process, whether my client is the executor of an estate or a party of interest to the estate.”
— Attorney Key Schoen

Steps Of Kentucky Probate

Steps in a Kentucky Probate proceeding generally include:

  • Proving the Will, if there is one; and getting a Personal Representative appointed for the estate
  • Identifying and collecting the decedent’s property
  • Assessing creditors claims and paying legitimate debts
  • Paying taxes, if necessary
  • Addressing Real Estate transfer and Deeds
  • Distributing assets to those who are entitled to have them by Will (or Kentucky’s rules of intestate succession if the person dies without a Will).
  • Kentucky offers simplified Probate proceedings for smaller estates.

As your lawyer, Key Schoen can help you select the most suitable form of Probate and guide you through the steps.

“Most Probated Estates can be straight forward for an experienced attorney, and do not need to cost the Estate much money. Problems in the process translate to more attorney fees for the Estate. Avoiding problems is obviously a money saver. My job is to help clients avoid problems where they can.”
— Attorney Key Schoen

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