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Career Highlights

Amos v. Clubb/ Clubb v. Amos, Oldham Circuit Court

Countersued for malicious prosecution after defending Will Contest successfully in both Circuit and Appeals Court. Mr. Schoen’s clients settled for over twice the property (and dollar value) they were originally entitled to under the probated Will.

Amos v. Clubb NO. 2007-CA-001181-MR

Amos v. Clubb NO. 2009-CA-001544-MR

Richardson v. Louisville Metro, 260 S.W. 3d. 777 (KY. 2008)

Mr. Schoen represented a police officer before the Kentucky Supreme Court. The Court ruled unanimously in favor of Mr. Schoen’s client, creating seminal law that established local government’s obligation to provide legal defense to police officers sued in civil suits.

Jefferson v. Jefferson Co. Public Schools, Jefferson Circuit Court, Case No. 00-CI-0051

2004 Landmark case against Jefferson County Public Schools resulting in $4.2 million dollar jury verdict. Mr. Schoen defended school teacher Norma Jean Jefferson after being falsely maligned in the local media for months, and effectively forced into retirement by the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) System.  This legal matter was showcased in an article “Lawyers Weekly USA” in March, 2004.

United States v. Ayala, United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, 43 M.J. 296 (1995) NO. 94-0369

Mr. Schoen represented the U.S. Army before the highest Court of Military Appeals in the United States. Mr. Schoen was selected to provide oral arguments to the Court while witnessed by the student body at West Point Military Academy. The Court ruled in favor of Mr. Schoen’s client and the criminal conviction was affirmed.

Bennet v. Ditto, 204 S.W. 3d 145 (KY. APP.)

Mr. Schoen represented a client who was a beneficiary of a Holographic (or handwritten) Will. After the trial Court denied recognition of the Holographic Will, Mr. Schoen appealed. The Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with Mr. Schoen and his client. The handwritten will, in its entirety, was approved as the law of the Decedent’s estate to the benefit of Key Schoen’s client.