Elder Law

Elder Law is an emerging area of law, as we are living longer.  Numerous issues may arise for most everyone beyond the age of 60 years – to include Retirement; Social Security; Medicare; Power of Attorney Documents; Trusts; Exploitation and/ or Elder Abuse; and many more.  Mr Schoen has helped with Court/ potential Court matters dealing with Elder Law.  Morever,  to the extent a person’s problem or issue is not something Mr. Schoen handles, he certianly knows the Lawyers who can help.

You can learn more about Key Schoen’s work experience and education on Key Schoen’s attorney profile page. Or read answers to frequently asked questions about Kentucky Probate.

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“I try to set the Estate in the right legal direction and impart to the client that he/ she is more than capable of accomplishing the task of a Personal Representative. If they later have questions, my Assistant Keith Porter is excellent at helping to answer those questions. And, of course, if need be I will certainly address those questions.”
– Attorney Key Schoen