Quality Representation For Out-Of-State Clients

Key Schoen Law Handles Estate and Trust Matters For Clients Who Cannot Be Present

Today’s mobile society results in family members and friends living thousands of miles away. Often, an Executor of a Kentucky Estate lives in another state and cannot be physically present for the Probate process. At Key Schoen Law, we can help out-of-state clients tackle the significant responsibilities that come with serving as Executor of an estate. In most cases, Key Schoen can eliminate the need for a personal representative to return to Kentucky.

Living far away should not preclude you from being treated fairly by the court system. If you live in another state and need legal representation regarding a Will that is being Probated in Kentucky, do not hesitate to contact Key Schoen’s office.

Conversely, a decedent who lived in another state may have owned real estate or other property in Kentucky at the time of his or her death. While the main Probate process will be in the state where the decedent lived at the time of death, an “ancillary Probate” proceeding must be held in Kentucky to disburse the assets held here. I represent individuals who must navigate the “ancillary Probate” process in order to distribute property that is titled in Kentucky.

Key Schoen Law also represents out-of-state residents who have a dispute of an Estate or Trust;  administer Estate or Trusts matters; and/ or question any aspect of the Estate/ Trust process in connection with a decedent.

An Advocate In Your Absence

“Today’s technology allows me to match the personalized service that I provide my clients who work with me in my Louisville office to those who live out of state. It is reassuring for my long-distance clients to know they will work directly with me from the initial telephone consultation through the resolution of their cases. Often is there is no need for them to return to Kentucky in probate Estate/ Trust matters, and in Circuit Court litigation the need to return to Kentucky can be minimal”
— Attorney Key Schoen


You can learn more about Key Schoen’s work experience and education on Key Schoen’s attorney profile page.You can also use the online contact form to provide essential information about your situation, or call 502-589-0077 and schedule a telephone conference with Key Schoen.